How to get perfect eyebrows in seconds

with Christian Eyebrow Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Make-up application video

How to Apply

Perfect eyebrows in seconds, watch the demonstration video and learn how easy the Christian Eyebrow Make-Up is to apply.

Images of someone applying the make-up.

Step by Step Instructions


To guarantee the long lasting effect it is important to clean the skin and hairs of the eyebrows before applying the powder.


Place the stencil over the eyebrow in the desired angle and position, hold it tight on the skin from the topside with your hand above your head, the other hand is free to apply the powder.


The powder lasts 24 hours. Wait about 4 minutes after applying and the colour will stay on, even with swimming, showering or a sauna visit.


Christian Eyebrow powder is extremely useful for people who have no or partly eyebrows because the powder also sticks on the skin. It will cover greys.


The semi-permanent eyebrow powder dissolves after 24 hours, but you can also remove it by using an eye make-up remover for semi-permanent make-up, oil-base.


Several size stencils are supplied with the powder, along with an application brush. Stencils may be cut to a smaller size to make application easier.